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Achieve in 3-6 days what most coaching gets you in several months: we meet in person or online for an intensive six sessions of Transformative Coaching. Awaken to your own inner guidance and deepest knowing.

More custom-made coaching plans available.

Enjoy the Journey

You do not need to get to a specific place before feeling more love, peace, and inner wellbeing in your life. My clients experience almost immediate relief from feeling stuck and confused. So they can enjoy the journey, which makes them exponentially more effective in life.

Step in the Flow

No tools, no struggle, no stress, no strategies: when the mind quiets, something kicks in to heal you from the inside out. Most approaches to transformation actually impede your own inner wisdom, or lead to burn out. When you find your own Self, the work that needs to be done flows.

English or Italian

Originally from Italy, I have lived all my adult life in the United States. I coach clients in English or in Italian, and I understand what it's like to move and experience different cultures. Most important of all, we work at the Source of your experience, opening you up to what is beyond the personal.

What is Transformative Coaching?



Workshops and events to do work you love and connect with others

Work is how we spend most of our waking time - when you love what you do, your life transforms. Through the years I have developed group programs, events, and workshops that powerfully shift your experience and ability to create the life you want to live. Ready to join me?

  • How to Change Careers - if you don't know what you want to do next
  • The Facilitation Program - learn how to create transformative meetings, workshops, or events
  • Love your business - how to enjoy all of what you do - yes, even sales!
  • Presence and Purpose - meeting others with heart
  • and more
Repurpose Your Purpose